Trained and experienced technicians complete our motive power resources by offering quality services such as repair, preventive maintenance, watering, testing and key in hand installations.


Our mobile repair units as well as our repair installations provide us with the power to repair, maintain and service all types of industrial batteries and chargers.

Analyze / Technical Support

Our technical consulting team is always available to analyze and verify your needs.

Technical Formation

You would like to increase your operators’ knowledge? Contact us to schedule custom made training sessions.

Preventive Maintenance

Custom made service contracts are available for the maintenance and scheduled analysis of your batteries and chargers.

Turnkey Solutions

Always wanting to propose the best solutions to our customers, APS can take charge of the study, realization and complete installation of your batteries and chargers.

Used Equipment

For limited operations, peak production periods or for economical reasons, we can offer you a vast range of used batteries and chargers.


We offer all of the accessories required for the installation, maintenance and repair of your batteries and chargers.