Fleet Management

Always wanting to propose a complete service to customers, Oldham Batteries Canada Inc. takes charge of the study, realization and complete installation of your battery room.

Oldham Batteries Canada Inc. can recommend and help you implement a Fleet Management Program that increases productivity and reduces costs.

One Battery Operation (IBO) – Offers unfailing power for single sift-operations.

No Battery Change (ZBC) – Eliminates the need to change batteries with our smart charger line.

Intelligent Battery Change (IBC) – Automated battery selection programs. Ensures lift operators select the right battery.

The Battery Boss® WC Control

The Battery Boss® WC Control is a compact, wireless electronic device that attaches to the battery to provide real-time battery diagnostics.

Battery Boss® WC monitors the battery based on capacity, temperature, and state of charge — allowing the user to maximize battery performance and life.